Jacksonville Wildlife and Animal Removal

The Most Common Types of Animals that Dig Up the Yard?

The commonest types of Jacksonville animals that dig up the yard are; Raccoons, Skunks, moles and Squirrels. Many of these animals may live in the burrow they dug or occasionally visit such burrows, if they store food and some other items inside. For smaller Florida animals, the search for insects, earthworms or other animals living inside the ground, may cause burrowing activities. For animals such as Squirrels, retrieval or caching of foods such as nuts, acorns, and nuts may be the main reason why they dig or burrow the ground. In order to prevent digging in your yard, you need to ensure that your lawn or garden is well kept. Make sure your lawn is reduced to the barest level, in order to see clearly, your surroundings.

There are diverse features of holes that can help you predict what type of animal is digging in your yard. For instance, if the holes are shallow and surrounded by rings of loosened soil, then a skunk is probably responsible, and this digging might have occurred overnight considering the fact that Skunks are regarded as nocturnal eaters. A hole dug by a Jacksonville skunk usually measures close to the size of the nose of a skunk, and when digging, the skunk often presses its nose to the soil and then dig with the aid of its long frontal claws. Sometimes, a Florida skunk may dig several holes in one area and these coalesce to make the ground looks like it has just been tilled.

When the digging in your yard is characterized by some chunks of sods that seem to have been flipped over and ripped up by an animal, then the digging is probably done by Raccoons. The ripping and tearing of soils in the yard is much easier for raccoons in the night , than in the day. Moles are known to leave lots of soil piles on the surface of the ground and that is because they are pushing the soil from up from below. These characteristic digs up by Jacksonville moles are noticeable especially when sod or grass has just been laid and they do have shallow roots. When active, moles can easily push piles of soils over, and they do this when in search for soil insects and earth worms. Damages caused by digging in the yard can vary from minor to major damages, and exclusion methods or trapping seem to be the best ways of keeping digging Florida animals away from the yard.

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