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What does Stray Cat Feces Look Like?

The feces of a Jacksonville cat can tell a lot about the animal , for instance , when a stray cat has diarrhea can be watery with fewer solids. A stray cat may also eat lots of components that are normally fed it while in care of its owner, therefore, its feces may become inconsistent. A normal healthy Florida cat will have soft and firm feces , and also has a deep brown colour alongside a well formed and slightly soft texture. It retains a consistent form and can squishes when pressed but will not complete turn into a mush.

The feces of a healthy cat should retain its solid component and when scooped, should easily fall apart. A stray cat may be suffering from a wide range of disease or issues. Loose or watery feces should signal constipation, diarrhea or any other gastro-intestinal problem. Temporary virus in the system of a stray cat will force it to move out of its territory, a watery stool may also means that the stray cat may be suffering from a food allergy, or a medical condition and sometimes a parasitic infection. Abdominal blockages or kidney infections may also cause watery stool in stray Florida cats. When you want to help a stray cat, it is better to give it water and not food.

A cat that is suffering from indigestion may have feces that are darker in colour because it has not been defecating for days. A stray Jacksonville cat suffering from indigestion might have picked up some items as food and that may cause it to wander about in search of help. A stray cat suffering from hard stools will definitely require the help of a veterinary doctor immediately. Hard or non-existence poop means the Florida cat I struggling with a digestive disorder or some form of blockage of its kidney or irregular bowel movements.

Stray cat feces can be found in several places, in most cases, stray cats may take temporary shelter under sheds, or boxes in the yard or garage. Feces can also be found close to shades under the trees, especially when the stray cat is suffering from dehydration. Stray Jacksonville cat feces can be located at the door step of a building, especially when the Florida cat strayed overnight. Most stray cats may also defecate under cars or if they can access the roof, they can jump on trees and hop unto roofs where they can defecate.

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