The Banded Water Snake

The Jacksonville Banded water snake is mostly aquatic and non-venomous in nature, the snake is also referred to as the Southern water snake . It is a colubrid snake that is endemic to some central and South-eastern region of the United States of America, including Florida , Indiana and South of Louisiana.

Adult Jacksonville banded water snake can measure between 24 and 42 inches in length and a record length of 62.5 inches has been measured in some parts of the country. The average body mass of the snake can measure up to 465g. The snakes often appear in Brown, gray or greenish-gray in colour while some species can be so dark to the extent that their body patterning can become obscure. The snake is characterized by a flat head and heavy-bodied. The appearance of this snake can make people mistake them for some other Florida species.

Adult banded water snake gives birth to live young snakes, and the breeding size may vary from between 9 and 50. A newly born snake can extend to 9.5 inches in total length and can grow into a full adult within few weeks.

Most species of Jacksonville Banded water snakes do have a life cycle of between 14 and 18 months, except few ones believed to have lived for more than 2 years. The survival rate of the Banded water snake from infant to adult is less than 50% and the reason being that predators such as large Florida birds often feast on them.

Jacksonville banded water snake is mostly found in aquatic habitats, and mostly the fresh water environments, including lakes, ponds, streams and marshes.

The banded water snake consumes diets predominantly made of fish and frogs. The snake makes use of a special “vomeronasal” organ also referred to as “Jacobson’s organ to secret some mucus used in capturing its prey.

Banded water snake is not venomous however, it can secret thick mucus that helps it capture its prey. The Florida snake is not aggressive on humans but can bite when subjected to distress. Banded water snake can swim for several hundreds of meters inside or on water , and can remain undetected because of its gray or greenish-grey colour that can perfectly blend with the colour of fresh water. Banded water snake can also stay at the bank of ponds, and streams for several hours , waiting for its prey. The Jacksonville snake hibernates in warm places during the winter periods.

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